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INTACS Corneal Implants


An elderly man in tight clothing bicycling next to a lake.Intacs are revolutionary prescription inserts designed to alter the shape of the cornea for patients with keratoconus, a condition that affects one out of 2000 people.

Keratoconus is a disease that causes thinning of the cornea, the clear, dome-like surface of the eye. Pressure within the eye causes the thinned cornea to bulge outward in an irregular, cone-like shape. The change in cornea shape causes vision problems that in early stages can be corrected by rigid contact lenses or prescription glasses. In later stages of the disease, a corneal transplant is required. Intacs can delay or eliminate the need for corneal transplant surgery.

Placed in the periphery of the cornea, Intacs are uniquely designed to help restore the cornea's natural, dome-like shape. Unlike corneal transplant surgery, Intacs require no removal of corneal tissue. Intacs instead provide shape and structure to a cornea affected by keratoconus, helping to maintain or provide a dome-like shape. In certain patients with Intacs who later underwent corneal transplant surgery, their transplants were successfully completed without complications.

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