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Laser Cataract Surgery Chicago

A beautiful elderly woman holds a blanket close around her while looking up to the sky. Cataracts cloud the vision and make it appear as though there is a film covering the natural lens of the eye. This is a progressive condition that can be treated conservatively in its beginning stages. However, as cataracts become more of a problem and begin to interfere with a patient’s ability to perform daily tasks, more aggressive treatment may become necessary. Laser cataract surgery performed at our Chicago practice can help you if your cataracts have reached advanced stages. Contact us today in Chicago, Highland Park or Hoffman Estates to learn more.

What are Cataracts?


Cataracts are a condition in which the clear lens of the eye becomes clouded or discolored, obstructing light from properly reaching the retina. This makes images appear blurred, dull, or distorted. While cataracts can occur in patients of any age, they are most common in older patients. In fact, two-thirds of adults over the age of 60 experience some degree of cataracts. In the early stages, cataracts may not interfere with vision at all. However, as the condition progresses, the eyesight will be affected and corrective lenses will become necessary. Cataracts can eventually become so severe that glasses and other conservative treatments can no longer help, and surgery becomes necessary.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery is a process of removing a clouded lens and replacing it with a synthetic intraocular lens (IOL), without the use of a blade. First, a laser is used to create an incision near the cornea. Next, a laser applies energy that softens and breaks the crystalline lens into tiny pieces so that it can be removed through the incisions. We then replace the lens with a premium intraocular lenses designed to meet the vision needs of our patients.


It is important for patients to realize that the results of laser cataract surgery will not be immediate. Many patients experience blurry vision for awhile following surgery, and it can take several weeks for the eyes to completely heal. During this time, the brain must become acclimated to using the IOL to focus. However, once you have adapted to the IOL, vision should be remarkably clearer. Most patients experience decreased dependency upon corrective eye wear following laser cataract surgery, and some are able to stop using prescription eye wear completely.

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Cataracts are a common condition that can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Fortunately, there are advanced treatments available that can safely and effectively restore your vision. If you are suffering from cataracts, contact us in Chicago, Highland Park or Hoffman Estates to learn more about how laser cataract surgery and intraocular lenses can restore the clear, dependable vision you deserve.

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