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Twenty-three years ago, Dr. Epstein performed monovision LASIK surgery on my eyes. Yesterday, I had my eyes checked and the doctor told me I should 'Blow my eye surgeon a kiss' because he did an excellent job on my eyes. They are healthy and my vision is virtually the same as it was 23 years ago. Thank you, Dr. Epstein!


Always a pleasant experience. The staff was courteous and friendly, and the exams and testing process moved fairly quickly. Seeing Dr.Majmudar is always a pleasure. He takes his time with patients, answering all my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend this practice to family and friends.


The whole visit/exam went well. Every aspect of the exam was very thorough. I never felt rushed and didn't have to wait very long. Overall I was very happy with the whole appointment.


My whole family is going to Chicago Cornea (3 generations) and are extremely satisfied with Dr. Majmudar. One of the best in the industry. Staff and all doctors are great.


Chicago Cornea Consultants are the best doctors in the Chicago area. I made the appointment on the same day I called. The front desk staff is very friendly and takes time to help with appointments. The doctor was exceptional.


Very happy with Dr. Randy Epstein & the staff. They are very professional & answer all my questions. The appointment ran smoothly & on time. They also coordinate with my 'regular' eye doctor's office.


I am pleased that I will get a resolution for a blurry eye after cataract surgery. Dr. Rachel Epstein, you are fabulous!


As an astronomer whose vision is vital, I was lucky to find Chicago Cornea. They are surprisingly different from other eye laser practices in that your treatment is highly individualized – not a mill where they treat everyone the same. Dr. Majmudar was willing to go the extra mile in designing a treatment that specifically addressed my difficult-to-treat case, one that other doctors shied away from. I was impressed with how professionally the practice is run. Even their technicians are very diligent in getting their measurements right – so important! Post-op, the doctors take time with you, making sure you understand the details of your case and helping you to be a good partner in your post-laser care, resulting in excellent vision. I would recommend them highly.


Last year, I had a very painful corneal ulcer. Dr. Rachel Epstein helped me through it with medication and much-needed treatment information. She was also very encouraging. I had a complete recovery. Thank you, Dr. Epstein.


I had laser cataract surgery, a lens implant, and correction for astigmatism. Dr. Epstein did an incredible job. Completely painless, and I now can see everything, Near and far, and can read easily without glasses. Dr. Epstein is fantastic! Everyone working at Chicago Cornea is very nice!


I have had a couple of appointments with Dr. Marsha Malooley and have been very impressed both times with her genuine and thorough efforts in fitting me with the best-colored contact/prosthetic. She really put a lot of effort into the process and is trying to get it right to both her and my satisfaction. I'm sure she is equally competent in all the other aspects of her treatments.


Thank you to Dr. Randy Epstein and everyone in the practice. I am blessed that my ophthalmologist referred me to you. I was losing vision in both eyes due to complications from earlier vision correction surgery. You restored my vision and gave me a new lease on life. Outstanding care and support from everyone that I dealt with during both surgeries.


First off, let me tell you off the bat, I absolutely love this place! I have been seeing Dr. Epstien for approximately 7 years. I met him after being diagnosed with keratoconus by a local Eye Clinic. I didn't have much faith in the local outfit doing my cornea transplant. So we (my spouse and myself) researched other places to do my surgery, and everything I read about Dr. Epstein and Chicago Cornea Consultants made it an easy choice. Before my surgery, I felt I would never be able to see you out of my left eye again. But after my consultation, dr. Epstein had me so excited about the ability to see again I could hardly wait for the surgery. He's never in a hurry to get me out of there; he always takes his time and explains everything that's pertinent to our visit. I still see the doctor soon to this day for follow-up on my surgeries, and I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to have met Dr. Epstein. If you are having vision problems and you're just dealing with it, you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't at least consult with Chicago Cornea. Don't cheat yourself. Treat yourself! I salute you, Chicago Cornea Consultants!


Dr. Epstein and his team performed my LASIK surgery on 12/5/2014. Great care and amazing results - after 20 years of contacts and glasses, I am now 20/20 after a diagnosis of -5.5 for the past few years. Dr. Epstein and his team were there for me every step of the way and were the utmost professionals. Waking up and not needing to worry about glasses or contacts has been truly life-changing, and I'm so thankful to Dr. Epstein and his team.


After going through the difficult ordeal of a corneal transplant, I wanted to return to commend CCC on how they handled the process. Overall, they were very accommodating to my needs post-op, and Dr. Epstein's expertise has shined. While waits can still be very long on certain days, it definitely helps to be one of the first appointments of the day.


I had a great experience during my Lasik procedure with Dr. Epstein and his staff. Slightly long wait times at my consultation, but that happens at every doctor's office. Once I was told I was a good candidate for the surgery, I met with Carly, his surgery coordinator. She is extremely organized and made sure I was all set to go with everything I needed the day of the procedure. Everything went great the day of, and I feel great almost a month after!


LASIK is the closest thing to a miracle I've ever experienced. I was very close to being blind without my glasses/contacts (my eyes were -10 and -9.5 for you contacts-wearers), and I'm now better than 20/20. I actually had my surgery at their Highland Park office but used the Rush one for post-surgery checkups. These doctors really know what they're doing, and I know 4 other people that have also had their surgery here and are equally pleased. Definitely worth the money, you're dealing with your sight here, and it's not the place to cut corners!


I worked with Chicago Cornea Consultants, specifically Dr. Epstein, for Lasik surgery. Dr. Epstein is extremely professional, smart, experienced, and efficient - everything you'd want from an ophthalmologist! The entire process - from the initial consultations to my post-op follow-up appointments - was seamless. The office staff was also incredibly friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Epstein to anyone looking for a great experience getting Lasik.


I have been a patient at Chicago Cornea Consultants for well over a decade. Physicians at the practice are exemplary and ensure the highest level of possible care. They are attuned to the latest developments in the field of ophthalmology and select the best treatment plan for their patient's conditions. If you've been struggling with vision ailments, I highly recommend a consultation here to evaluate your options.

In particular, Dr. Marsha Malooley has been extraordinary with her remarkable expertise in contact lens fitting. Over the years, my condition has warranted repeated adjustments to my lens prescription. Dr. Malooley always goes a step above in assessing a range of options to find the optimal balance of clarity, consistency, & comfort with the lens wear. She most recently fitted me with "eye-print" lens; these novel highly customized lenses have rendered nothing short of astonishing visual acuity. For individuals seeking specialized assistance with contact lenses, I can't envision a better choice than Dr. Malooley.


My overall experience at Chicago Cornea was excellent! Starting when I walked through the door, the front desk greeted me very warmly! I was a little nervous about getting my eyes dilated, and the technicians were very professional and friendly, which helped calm my nerves. After that, I waited quite a while until I actually saw the doctor, but I was aware of this before beginning this process. I was very pleased with Dr. Epstein's manner. He was thorough and straightforward. I would definitely recommend Chicago Cornea to my friends and family!


For the past 5 years, I have suffered from severe and chronic dry eyes. I visited several doctors who prescribed treatments that didn't help my condition. Last year, I finally found Dr. Epstein and received the Lipiflow procedure at his office. Lipiflow is painless, and the entire process, including the eye exam and the procedure itself, took no more than an hour. The results were immediate. Along with Dr. Epstein's other recommendations (lid scrub pads and eye gel at bedtime), I have had a 100% improvement. And the results are, so far, permanent. I have not suffered from any dry eye symptoms since my first visit to Dr. Epstein in early October 2014. I can't recommend Dr. Epstein and his staff at Chicago Cornea Consultants highly enough. Do NOT continue to suffer from dry eyes. Contact Dr. Epstein's office and set up an appointment ASAP.


This was my second LASIK treatment. My first was performed on my LEFT eye in 2000 by Dr. Epstein. The entire staff was amazing then, and they still are today! The process is very simple. My vision is superb! Instructions for every step of the process were given to me and very thorough. I WOULD RECOMMEND Dr. Epstein to everyone!


After many unsuccessful consultations to correct my vision with LASIK, I was told my only option to live without glasses and contacts was to have EVO VISIAN ICL implant procedure. After much research and internal debate I reached out to Dr. Majmudar to schedule a consultation for this procedure. Dr. Majmudar and Chicago Cornea Consultants made everything as easy as possible. He explained in detail the procedure and its expected outcomes. Dr. Majmudar is well researched and wrote many articles on the procedure. It put me at ease to know that I was working with the best person to provide this service. The procedure was quick and painless. The staff was great. Everything was explained to me ahead of time. It was truly amazing to have 20/20 vision within an hour after the procedure. Now, 6 months later, I have better than 20/20 vision. I wish I would have done this procedure sooner. I recommend anyone not able to correct their vision with LASIK to have this procedure with Dr. Majmudar at Chicago Cornea Consultants.


I had my doctor visit on 11/10/2021. I was very happy with personnel in the office. I was not waiting at all, filled out paperwork and was invited to doctor office. Doctor Maria Rosselson is very professional, she did my eyelid procedure, and it was quick, clean, no pain. And at the same visit she checked my eyes parameters, and I got after procedure detailed instructions. I will recommend this doctor to anyone who has eye problems.


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