Reshape the Eyelids

The lower eyelids can be tightened using various techniques, ranging from a minimally-invasive incision-less approach for mild cases to eyelid tightening/strengthening procedures in more severe cases. One of our knowledgeable eye surgeons with extensive experience in both ocular (eye) and eyelid surgery can perform the operation. 

Why choose Chicago Cornea Consultants?

Established in 1986, Chicago Cornea Consultants delivers state-of-the-art, gold-standard eye care to patients in and beyond Chicago, Hoffman Estates, Highland Park, and Crystal Lake. Our six board-certified ophthalmologists have undergone extensive specialized education and are regularly called upon to instruct other doctors around the globe in their cutting-edge techniques. Our practice has been featured in prominent magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and journals, and we have consistently been named as “Top Doctors” by Chicago Magazine.

At Chicago Cornea Consultants, we provide individualized care that can be life-changing. After all, seeing well not only optimizes quality of life; it also allows our patients to form the most meaningful memories for years to come. Our commitment to advanced, best-in-class technology is evident in the next-level results we are able to achieve. We invest in sophisticated equipment to reduce or completely eradicate the need for glasses, allowing patients to "See The Best."

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What is eyelid tightening?

Whether the eyelids are turning in (entropion), turning out (ectropion), or just loose/sagging (eyelid laxity), the position of the lower eyelid is essential for protecting the eye and vision, as well as for ensuring a youthful cosmetic appearance. Eyelid tightening procedures identify the cause of the issue and address it with various procedures ranging from placing a few sutures to repositioning the lid to shortening/strengthening the entire lower eyelid. These procedures can usually be performed in the office under local anesthesia and are usually completed in less than 60 minutes.

What are the benefits?

Improved vision

Improving the structure and function of the lower eyelids can lead to a healthier ocular surface, leading to less dryness/irritation and enhanced vision. 

Aesthetic enhancement

Tightening and repositioning the lower lids can restore a natural appearance to the eyelids and improve symmetry.

Optimized quality of life

Eyelid tightening can improve self-confidence and quality of life by addressing functional and cosmetic concerns.

Who should undergo eyelid tightening?

Ideal candidates for eyelid tightening are patients with lower eyelids that are droopy/saggy (“too much white of the eyes is showing under my eyes”) or who have eyelids/eyelashes that turn in or turn out. 

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Recovery and results

After eyelid tightening, patients should experience improved eyelid function, an unobstructed field of vision, enhanced tear film integrity, and a more aesthetically pleasing eyelid appearance.

Patients may experience some swelling, bruising, irritation, dry eyes, and discomfort during the initial healing period. These symptoms can be well controlled with medication, cold compresses, and healing ointments. Irritation at the incision sites is also possible. Patients should follow their surgeon's specific instructions for postoperative care.

Patients should avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and bending over for at least a week after surgery. They should also avoid rubbing or touching their eyes and wear dark sunglasses to protect them from sunlight, wind, and other elements. Patients should not wear contact lenses until at least two weeks after surgery.

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Discover the pinnacle of surgical innovation, comfortably located in our Office-based Surgical Suite (OBS). By seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with a serene atmosphere, our OBS guarantees top-tier healthcare for a variety of procedures, all within the convenience of an office environment. Certain individuals may be eligible to experience this procedure at our state-of-the-art OBS suite.

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