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What is an ICL?

An ICL, or an Implantable Collamer Lens, is a lens that your eye doctor can place inside the eye to correct your refractive error and improve your vision. ICLs aim to reduce your reliance on contact lenses and glasses. An ICL can be an excellent option for those who want increased freedom from visual aids. Although an ICL can provide you with permanent vision correction, your eye doctor can remove it at any point if needed. Your eye doctor places the ICL in your eye during a surgical procedure, and you will notice an improvement in your vision within the coming days. The ICL is placed between your iris, the colored part of your eye, and your natural lens. Once in place, the ICL will act as a pair of glasses would, focusing the light properly on the retina and correcting your vision. Patients who have thin corneas or experience routine dry eyes and who have been told they are not a candidate for LASIK or PRK might just be eligible for the EVO ICL vision correction procedure. Call us to find out more.

EVO ICL: The Evolution in Visual Freedom


How does the EVO ICL differ from other types of ICLs?

The most significant benefit to choosing the EVO ICL is that you will be able to significantly reduce your dependence on contact lenses and glasses after the procedure.

The primary difference between the EVO ICL and other types of ICLs is that with the EVO, you do not have to have an iridotomy before the surgery. An iridotomy is a procedure where your eye doctor uses a laser to make a small hole near the edge of your iris, the colored part of your eye. Creating this hole helps avoid eye pressure issues after the procedure.

Since  there is no need for an iridotomy with the EVO, you can schedule the procedure quicker without having to come into the office for a separate laser procedure. With the EVO ICL, you can experience visual freedom faster than you might with other types of ICLs.

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What happens during the EVO ICL procedure?

The EVO ICL procedure is an outpatient procedure, meaning you'll be able to go home the same day. It is also a relatively quick procedure, taking only about twenty to thirty minutes to complete. First, your eye doctor will numb the front surface of your eye using eye drops. Next, they will make a tiny incision in your cornea and insert the ICL through the opening. Once the ICL is in your eye, your eye surgeon will position it in the correct location. Depending on the size and location of the incision, your eye surgeon may close the opening with stitches or leave it to heal on its own.

Although it can take a few days to weeks for your eyes to heal completely and your vision to stabilize, many people see an improvement in their vision right away. Your eye surgeon will provide you with a list of detailed instructions to aid in your recovery. They may also ask you to use medicated eye drops and abstain from certain activities to ensure proper healing and prevent complications. You will also need to visit your eye doctor for a few appointments following the procedure. At these visits, your eye doctor at Chicago Cornea will ensure your eye is healing properly and will test your vision.


There are many benefits to choosing permanent vision correction. Whether through the EVO ICL or LASIK, you will experience greater visual freedom and rely less on your contact lenses and glasses. Some people will not qualify for LASIK. In this case, the EVO ICL may be a good fit. The EVO ICL can correct for nearsightedness or nearsightedness with astigmatism. If you are farsighted, you will not qualify for the EVO ICL. In this case, LASIK or other permanent vision correction procedures may work better for you. The ICL procedure is also less likely to cause dry eyes, which is more likely in other types of vision correction procedures that alter the cornea. In addition, since the EVO ICL procedure does not alter the corneal tissue, you will likely experience a quicker recovery time.


How do I get the EVO ICL?

To determine if you are a candidate for the EVO ICL, you must schedule a consultation with your eye doctor at Chicago Cornea Consultants. Your eye doctor will thoroughly examine your eyes and take various measurements at this appointment. If your eye doctor thinks that the EVO ICL is a good fit for you and that it is the best vision correction procedure to accomplish your vision goals, you will be able to schedule the procedure. If you are farsighted, you will not qualify for the EVO ICL. In this case, your eye doctor will likely recommend other types of permanent vision correction procedures. Your eye doctor will then walk you through the process and inform you of the best ways to prepare for the procedure. They will also likely go over a list of instructions to follow after the procedure.

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Access More Information on EVO and Other Surgery Options! Our physicians highly recommend that you watch three brief videos on your surgical options prior to your appointment. This will provide you with greater insight into the EVO procedure and more. To sign up, simply click here.

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