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Do you feel complete when you wear eye makeup? Are you worried about being able to wear eye makeup and having LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery is considered one of the safest procedures that you can undergo. This is because technology keeps advancing.

Since it became FDA approved, millions of procedures have been performed. Keep reading for 4 reasons to avoid makeup before and after LASIK!

1. Particle Free Eyes

Before LASIK, it is important that your eyes are clean. When you use eye makeup, creams, or lotions near your eyes, you could get particles in your eyes.

Wearing makeup before LASIK is not worth the risk of getting particles in your eyes and irritating them. Your LASIK surgeon may ask you to wash your eyes and eyelids before the procedure. This prevents the risk of infection and removes any trace particles from your face.

2. Prevent Infection

The main reason that you cannot wear makeup after having LASIK is that makeup has bacteria in it. When you get LASIK eye surgery, your eyes are more prone to infections.

This is because of a flap that is created during LASIK on the cornea. The flap is what allows the surgeon to reshape your cornea to correct any refractive errors.

After reshaping the cornea, the flap is then placed down. It heals on its own without stitches or a bandage. There’s nothing to keep the flap in place, so until your eye heals, you’re more likely to develop an infection.

The main thing that your eyes are sensitive to is bacteria. There are bacteria everywhere, but it’s especially found on makeup and any tools you use to put it on with.

When your eyes are healthy, this typically is not an issue, but after LASIK it is. Using makeup or makeup brushes that have bacteria on them can cause an infection or irritate your eyes. Until your eyes have had time to heal, it is important that you avoid putting makeup on near your eyes.

3. Wait at Least a Week Before Wearing Makeup After LASIK

After it’s been at least a week since having LASIK, you can ask your eye doctor about wearing makeup. You should not wear makeup until your doctor says that it is safe to. They will clear you once it’s safe to use it again.

4. Use Eye Drops, not Eye Makeup

Part of the recovery process from LASIK is using eye drops every day while you are recovering. Keep your eyes clean by not wearing eye makeup.

Even when your eyes are healthy, make sure that you still are cautious with eye makeup. You should avoid using expired makeup or sharing eye makeup or eye makeup brushes.

Remember that eye makeup and brushes have bacteria on them, so exposing your eyes to someone else’s bacteria is asking for a problem.

Think that LASIK and visual freedom could be right for you? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Chicago Cornea Consultants™ in Highland Park, IL, today!

If you’re tired of glasses and contacts and want to know if there could be something better, LASIK could be the perfect solution!

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