The Alcon LensX laser platform is the leading technology in the burgeoning field of laser-assisted custom cataract surgery. Chicago Cornea Consultants™ is excited to offer this new, precision driven option to our patients in the Hoffman Estates office. Dr Parag Majmudar and Dr Maria Rosselson, who have enjoyed performing conventional cataract surgeries at the Hoffman Estates Surgery Center for several years are now enhancing patient experiences with the option of including the LensX. The laser creates customized corneal incisions and exquisitely positioned capsulorrhexes. It has the capacity to make very exact limbal relaxing incisions for treatment of astigmatism. Additionally, the laser divides the lens nucleus prior to phacoemulsification, which results in less lenticular fragment manipulation and a decrease in the total energy required to extract the cataract. All of this is coupled with highly detailed coherence tomographical imaging. The benefits of the laser include unparalleled accuracy in intraocular lens implant positioning. This is especially crucial for patients opting for multifocal and toric lens implants. Laser performed incisions are so unequivocal that the safety of surgery overall is improved.

Patients selecting the LensX experience for their cataract surgery arrive at the center and are dilated in normal fashion. They initially undergo the laser portion of the cataract procedure in a designated area of the center. Next , the surgical team moves the patient into the sterile operating room, were they are prepped and draped as per routine and the procedure is completed. Standard sedation and anesthesia is applied.

“It’s like drawing a circle freehand versus tracing one with a template,” says Dr. Rosselson. “You can make a pretty good circle on your own, but using a specialized device makes it better! I know that the incision made by the laser has exact architecture for a complete seal, that the capsular opening is completely round and ideally centered, and that the lens implant is precisely where I wanted it.”

The Hoffman Estates Surgery Center is the only facility in the Northwest suburbs making the LensX available to its surgeons and their patients. Dr Randy Epstein also has access to a LensX at Illinois Masonic Medical Center

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