Readers of this blog and visitors of have heard about Lipi Flow, the latest and in some ways, most unique treatment for dry eye symptoms. This week, watch a demonstration of the procedure on the TV show “The Doctors” which airs on Monday on channel 26, WCIU at 5 pm by a Los Angeles-based colleague of our ophthalmologists. LipiFlow is a 12-minute gentle heat and compression massage for the eyelids. This spa-like treatment is performed in the office with dry eye symptom relief reported for up to 15 months. Dry eye can be caused by a lack of tear production (aqueous deficient dry eye). Approaches like artificial tears can temporarily relieve dryness. Punctal plugs can create a more lasting tear presence. Restasis can help improve tear production. Very often, however, the tears that are produced break up too rapidly because the oily component is insufficient (evaporative dry eye.) You may have heard about hot compresses and lid scrubs as a way to improve oil quality but LipiFlow combines precise eyelid warming with gland expression to truly achieve a wetter, better, longer lasting tear presence on the ocular surface. tears. Better tears mean less dryness, burning, foreign body sensation, reflex tearing, and fewer of the other unpleasant, uncomfortable nuisances caused by dry eye.

If you feel like you have “tried it all”, consider LipiFlow as the next step in battling dry eye – it may lead to a victory whereas other efforts have come up short.

Watch “TheDoctors” this week to see the treatment in action. Chicago Cornea Consultants™ is the only practice and Drs Dennis, Epstein, Kaplan, Majmudar, and Rosselson, as well as our optometrists, Drs Andrjezewski, Faron, and Malooley are the only ones in the Chicagoland area making this fantastic option a real opportunity for dry eye sufferers to try the latest approach to feeling better.

Watch a clip here:

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