Any time patients undergo surgery, even a procedure as minimally invasive as LASIK, they want to recover and return their normal routines as soon as possible. At our Chicago laser eye surgery practice, we aim to help our patients experience a quick and easy recovery process. Our surgeons skillfully perform LASIK surgery using advanced technology, reducing the risk of potential complications and increasing the likelihood that patients experience a smooth recovery. In addition, we offer these LASIK eye surgery recovery tips; by following these post-operative instructions, patients can avoid problems after LASIK surgery.

Take a Nap after Your Surgical Appointment

Keeping the eyes closed for a few hours will prevent the eyelids from rubbing up against the healing corneal incisions and keep the eyes lubricated during this critical stage of healing. We recommend that all of our patients take a nap upon their return home to promote healing and prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Apply Eye Drops as Directed

Our doctors will prescribe two types of eye drops to be used in the days following LASIK eye surgery. First, patients should use the antibiotic eye drops to reduce their risk of an eye infection. Second, patients should use the steroidal eye drops to reduce inflammation and speed healing. Both of these eye drops should be applied on schedule throughout the day. In addition, we recommend that patients purchase some type of lubricating eye drops to alleviate discomfort, and to combat dry eye, a common side effect in the weeks after LASIK surgery.

Wear Eye Goggles Overnight

Before our Chicago LASIK patients leave our office, we provide them with protective goggles to wear the day of and the first night after LASIK surgery. Because the corneal flap heals quickly, it is critical that the eyes be protected for the first 12 to 24 hours after LASIK surgery. The protective goggles will not only prevent debris from getting in the eyes, they will also prevent you from itching or rubbing at the eyes, actions that could dislodge the corneal flap.

Do Not Touch the Eyes

Touching, rubbing, or itching the eyes can not only re-open the incisions and dislodge the healing flap, these actions can also increase the patient’s risk of infection. The bacteria on your fingers can be transferred to the eyes, which are more vulnerable to infection because of the healing incisions. It is important that patients avoid touching the eyes for a few weeks after LASIK.

Don’t Strain the Eyes

Most patients experience improved vision immediately after LASIK surgery. For this reason, they are inclined to return to their normal activities within just a day or two of surgery. However, patients should take care not to strain their eyes during this healing period. Try to avoid staring at the computer or television for long periods of time in the days after LASIK.

To find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery, contact Chicago Cornea Consultants™, Ltd. A member of our staff will schedule a comprehensive LASIK screening at your earliest convenience.

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