Improvements in LASIK technology essentially mean improved accuracy, improved safety, and improved healing experience. This is all beneficial to the patient, but it also benefits our team. When patients are satisfied with their surgery and the results that have been achieved, it means that we have done our job.

The team at our laser eye surgery practice would like to take a moment right now to consider VISX technology and what that means to our patients.

About LASK Surgery

Before discussing VISX technology, it may help to give a brief overview of and how it’s performed. LASIK is a refractive surgery that involves the laser reshaping of the cornea, which is the clear frontal part of the eye. The reshaping improves the way light passes through the eyes and focuses on the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eyes.

What is VISX technology?

VISX is a company that designs excimer lasers, which are the lasers used in the reshaping of the cornea. VISX has been an industry leader in refractive surgery equipment, and we are pleased to use their systems at our practice given their record for excellence and innovation.

We currently use the VISX Star S4 IR™ Excimer Laser at our practice, and it offers a number of benefits over previous models and competing excimer lasers.

The Advantages of VISX Lasers

The VISX Star S4 IR™ Excimer Laser offers the following improvements and innovations:

ActiveTrak™ Technology – ActiveTrak™ technology tracks pupil movement and makes the necessary laser adjustments during surgery in three dimensions. Even the most minute pupil movement is accounted for to ensure optimal results.Variable Spot Beam Technology – Variable Spot Beam technology offers numerous beam options ranging in size (0.65mm to 6.5mm) for the treatment process. This improves our ability to accurately reshape the cornea based on the patent’s needs.VSS™ (Variable Spot Scanning) Technology – VSS™ technology allows for smoothing of the cornea outside of the main treatment zone. This expands the overall treatment area of the LASIK surgery and enhances our ability to provide patients with sharp, clear vision.

What VISX Technology Means for Patients

As with past improvements in LASIK technology, VISX technology means that patients experience better vision and a much better healing experience as well. The computer-guided tracking of the pupils also means reduced chances of complications and human error when performing the LASIK procedure.

When combined with custom wavefront mapping technology, this also means that minute vision problems (higher order aberrations) can be treated with remarkable accuracy. The LASIK patient of today has a greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision than the LASIK patient a decade ago.

The best part about LASIK technology is that it continues to evolve and improve. We will continue to remain at the forefront of these technological developments since they improve our ability to enhance vision with greater safety and accuracy.

Learn More About Laser Eye Surgery

If you would like more information about VISX technology and other state-of-the-art improvements in LASIK surgery, be sure to contact our laser vision correction centers serving Chicago, Highland Park, and Hoffman Estates today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible results with regard to your eye health and quality of vision.

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