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Will LASIK Make Your Life Safer?

When it comes to deciding whether you’ll get a procedure like LASIK, you may be unsure if it’s the right decision. Many people associate LASIK as a pricey and unnecessary procedure.

So why get it? Among many other things, LASIK can make your life safer! Keep reading to learn about some of the ways that LASIK can change your life!

In an emergency, every second counts

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If your smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night and there’s a fire, you don’t think. If you wear glasses or contacts, this becomes a little more difficult.

It can be downright terrifying to wake up in the middle of the night and know that you cannot see without your glasses or contact lenses! There may be smoke filling your bedroom, making it almost impossible to see your glasses, even if they are only a few feet away from you.

If you wear contacts, there’s no time to try and put them in before you run out the door. Every second counts in this kind of scenario! When you get a procedure like LASIK, you get a few precious minutes back.

You can get out of bed and see without needing to use glasses or contacts as an aid. In a moment of panic or anxiety, having one less thing to worry about matters.

After LASIK, you’ll have one less hidden cost to worry about

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One of the things that makes LASIK so great is the fact that it pays for itself over time. At Chicago Cornea Consultants™, we believe price should not stand in the way of someone’s desire to see clearly.

For that reason, we offer our patients CareCredit, which is a payment plan built to fit your individual needs and financial circumstances. CareCredit makes it possible to afford LASIK by paying for the procedure with monthly payments that won’t break the bank.

If you wear glasses or contacts, you know that they aren’t cheap by any means! On average, most people are paying $500 every year for their glasses and contacts.

But let’s not forget that accidents happen, and it’s really easy to break your glasses. A new pair of glasses could put you back a couple of hundred dollars, at the very least!

For many people, it’s unexpected expenses like a new pair of glasses that they have to get that puts them over the edge. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you know how close you are to racking up overdraft fees before your next paycheck.

When these unexpected charges come up, it makes it a lot harder to survive. Why not cut out one source of hidden costs and get LASIK? Most people pay off the procedure after 2 years.

Plus, don’t forget that on average, you’re spending about $500 every year on glasses and contacts. Think of what you could do with an extra $500 if you didn’t have to spend it on your glasses and contacts every year.

If you save that money, you could start saving for a downpayment on a home or a car. Why not invest in yourself?

LASIK makes driving situations easier and safer

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Nobody wants to think about it, but every time you get into your car, you put yourself at risk. Being in a car driving is not always the safest!

This is especially scary when you’re driving during inclement weather. Of course, getting LASIK can’t help with the weather, but it can make you a safer driver.

If you’ve been told to wear glasses while driving, you know the importance of wearing them to see. But how many times have you rushed out of the house and forgot your purse, which includes your wallet, glasses, and other necessities?

Most times, if you’re running late for something, you keep going and tell yourself you’ll come back for your purse later. There’s nothing safe about driving without your glasses, but we all know somebody that does it.

Even the best-case scenario is you have your glasses and your purse with you but you haven’t put your glasses on yet. You may wait to try and put them on at a red light, which is also risky.

You could run the risk of rear-ending the person in front of you or getting into an accident. The same is true if you’re driving during the day and it suddenly gets sunny.

You need your prescription sunglasses but you didn’t bring them with you. How many people change between bags and always forget to switch everything?

It happens all the time! But when you’re driving that means you’re reduced to squinting because you can barely see.

If you get LASIK, you don’t have to worry about this situation anymore! No more glasses and no more contacts and no more digging around for your glasses that you need to drive.

One of the best things about LASIK is you can wear any kind of sunglasses you want. Now, we recommend you stick with a pair that protects your eyes from 100% of UV rays, but there are plenty of pairs available.

Getting LASIK gives you the power of choice! When you wear glasses and contacts, you don’t really get that. It’s nice to have a choice about what sunglasses you’ll wear. LASIK puts you in control of your life.

No longer wearing contacts means less risk of developing eye infections

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Contact lenses are great but they also come with their own risks and frustrations. Did you know that wearing contacts puts you at a higher risk of developing an eye infection?

The reason for this is because you’re always touching your eyes to put your contacts in and take them out. You’re also more likely to develop pink eye, or conjunctivitis if you are a contact lens wearer.

When patients who wore contact lenses get LASIK, these risks drop instantly. LASIK does come with a recovery period, and it may take a few days before your vision is crystal clear.

But after recovering, LASIK is truly life-changing. There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up in the morning and being able to see. In the event of an emergency, it gives you peace of mind, because you know that if you had to, you could get up and go.

LASIK also makes your life easier because you can just be. You can enjoy things like swimming without needing goggles anymore.

You can stay up late watching your favorite TV show on Netflix without having to think about if you took your contacts out. Sure, these things sound small, but who wouldn’t want to have less to worry about?

Wondering if LASIK could be the right vision correction procedure for you? There’s only one way to find out: schedule a LASIK consultation at Chicago Cornea Consultants™ in Chicago, IL! Don’t wait any longer if you’ve ever dreamt of a life that didn’t include glasses or contacts!

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that is designed to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses. Here at Chicago Cornea Consultants™, our LASIK surgeons and eye doctors use the latest in laser vision correction technology to ensure each patient receives optimal results.
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Laser Eye Surgery
As leaders in the field of ophthalmology, we were among the first in the area to offer the advanced Alcon LenSx laser platform for cataract surgery. This exciting new technology allows our skilled ophthalmologists to make incredibly precise modifications, enhancing the patient experience.
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Advanced Cataract
Traditionally, presbyopia, which happens to all of us as we age, has always meant glasses for clear reading vision. It's a condition not even correctable by laser vision correction. Luckily, there is an option. Refractive lens exchange allows patients a clear alternative to reading glasses and is capable of reducing or eliminating presbyopia by using an advanced multifocal intraocular lens.
Refractive Lens Exchange
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Keratoconus describes a cornea that weakens as collagen fibers deteriorate, causing the cornea to adapt a cone-like shape. Keratoconus can cause blurred vision, light sensitivity, glares, and decreased night vision. In its early stages, keratoconus may be treated with the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses. Keratoconus is also one of the most common reasons for corneal transplant, and one of the most successful. Call any of our offices and ask to speak to the Vision Correction Surgical Coordinator, or use the contact form below.
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It's estimated that a million or more Americans have glaucoma and don't even know it. People with glaucoma often do not experience any symptoms until they begin losing their peripheral vision. One of the scariest things about glaucoma is that it usually has no symptoms in the early stages, earning glaucoma the name "silent thief of sight." Anyone can be at risk, so it's important to have your vision regularly examined.
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At Chicago Cornea Consultants™, our doctors take great care in maintaining ocular health for our patients. However, a number of our patients voice concerns regarding soft lines and wrinkles around the eyes and other regions of the face. We have responded by introducing cosmetic procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic through our Chicago practice.
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Dry eye can result from a lack of sufficient production of your own natural tears, with an inability to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. This can cause mild to severe discomfort including itching, stinging and burning. Dry eyes are a common concern in Chicago, and the experienced team of corneal specialists at Chicago Cornea Consultants™ have the latest advancements in technology to treat dry eye.
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Dry Eye
Contact lenses are medical devices which interact directly with the ocular surface of the eye. At Chicago Cornea Consultants™, we provide exceptional care to ensure that you obtain the best possible vision with contact lenses that fit appropriately and maximize health benefits.
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