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How Does LASIK Save You Money?

When you think about a procedure like LASIK, what comes to mind? Maybe the fact that it’s a permanent procedure? Or that it costs quite a bit of money upfront to get?

What you may not consider is that LASIK can actually save you money. Yeah, imagine that! How is this possible? Keep reading to learn why!

Glasses, Contacts, & Accessories Cost On Average $500 A Year

Yes, you read that right. Glasses, contacts, and various accessories that go along with vision cost on average, $500 per year. That’s not a small chunk of change! Now, let’s break it down even further.

Most people have one, if not two pairs of glasses. Glasses usually need replacing every two to three years. When you do replace your glasses, things can get pricey.

If you like designer labels like Kate Spade, Chanel, or Prada, your new frames could run you $500. That’s only the frames. Stop and think about that for a minute.

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When you add the lenses and time for putting your glasses together, your glasses could suddenly cost closer to $1,000 or more! Most vision plan insurances will not cover any of this cost.

All that they cover is your annual eye exam. In most cases, you need a separate vision plan if you want extras like the frames or lenses covered as well.

Contact Lens Wearers Are Spending A Lot As Well

Now, let’s say you primarily wear contact lenses. You may think that this is less expensive, but it’s really not. Contact lenses need constant upkeep and you always have to order new ones.

Many contact lens wearers find that daily contacts are best, but they are the most expensive option available. With dailies, you are throwing out a pair of contact lenses, every single day.

Don’t even start thinking about what that does for the environment, because that’s a problem we could go into another day. The other problem with contact lenses is you always need to buy contact lens solution.

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Contact lens wearers know this struggle well: you have it in your purse, in your overnight bag, or even a spare bottle that you keep on your desk just in case at work! Sure, you can buy the small bottles but they only last a week or two if you’re really lucky.

The big bottles of contact lens solution can run you $20 or $30 sometimes. If you wear contact lenses every day, that starts to add up and fast!

LASIK Pays For Itself Over Time

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On average, LASIK costs about $2,000 per eye. That sounds like a lot until you do some thinking. Like what would your life be like if you didn’t have to pay for glasses, contacts, or solution ever again?

Here at Chicago Cornea Consultants™, we offer Patient Financing options that make LASIK affordable. If you’re dreaming of crystal clear vision, why let cost hold you back?

We’re proud to offer our patients CareCredit, which is a payment plan designed to fit your individual needs. CareCredit makes elective procedures like LASIK fiscally possible, without breaking the bank.

So how does LASIK pay for itself over time? Most payment plans offer very reasonable monthly payments. This allows you to pay off your procedure within about two years.

You’re left with visual freedom and your bank account is still in great shape after paying it off. Now, here’s where things get interesting. Once you pay off LASIK, you no longer have to worry about any of the costs associated with glasses or contacts.

That $500 you were spending every year on them? You can spend it on something else! After a few years, LASIK is paid off and you have visual freedom.

What could be better? Oh yeah, that extra $500 in your pocket every year. What could you do with an extra $500 every single year?

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You could travel more. You could invest and save money for a down-payment on a house. You could donate more money to charity. The options are truly limitless!

Getting LASIK Lets You Invest In Yourself

Think for a second. When was the last time you did something that was 100% for you? We’re not talking about an hour-long massage, although you should do that as well. What we’re talking about is investing in yourself.

If you’re tired of wearing glasses and contacts, do something about it! Visual freedom from contacts and glasses could be the start of great things for you.

Don’t you want to wake up in the morning, refreshed and ready to go? What about being able to see the alarm clock or your phone instead of fumbling around for your glasses?

Do you want comfort knowing that you could get out of your house in case of an emergency, rather than trying to stumble out? These are the kinds of things you might never think about, but yes, you deserve that peace of mind.

Everyone does. And you can give it to yourself by getting a procedure like LASIK. Stop thinking it’s too expensive. Stop thinking it’s something for other people.

Stop thinking altogether. If you’ve ever suffered at the hands of your contacts or glasses, you deserve this.

Glasses in the rain rendering you blind? Contact lenses that you put in backward before a big job interview? We’ve all been there and it’s not a great feeling.

Why not shave minutes off your morning routine and make it possible to roll out of bed? In the words of the immensely popular Lizzie McGuire movie, “Why not take a crazy chance?”

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Why not take that chance and see that LASIK can and will change your life for the better?

Want to make this the year you get LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Chicago Cornea Consultants™ in Chicago, IL and find out today if you’re a good LASIK candidate!

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that is designed to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses. Here at Chicago Cornea Consultants™, our LASIK surgeons and eye doctors use the latest in laser vision correction technology to ensure each patient receives optimal results.
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Laser Eye Surgery
As leaders in the field of ophthalmology, we were among the first in the area to offer the advanced Alcon LenSx laser platform for cataract surgery. This exciting new technology allows our skilled ophthalmologists to make incredibly precise modifications, enhancing the patient experience.
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Advanced Cataract
Traditionally, presbyopia, which happens to all of us as we age, has always meant glasses for clear reading vision. It's a condition not even correctable by laser vision correction. Luckily, there is an option. Refractive lens exchange allows patients a clear alternative to reading glasses and is capable of reducing or eliminating presbyopia by using an advanced multifocal intraocular lens.
Refractive Lens Exchange
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Keratoconus describes a cornea that weakens as collagen fibers deteriorate, causing the cornea to adapt a cone-like shape. Keratoconus can cause blurred vision, light sensitivity, glares, and decreased night vision. In its early stages, keratoconus may be treated with the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses. Keratoconus is also one of the most common reasons for corneal transplant, and one of the most successful. Call any of our offices and ask to speak to the Vision Correction Surgical Coordinator, or use the contact form below.
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It's estimated that a million or more Americans have glaucoma and don't even know it. People with glaucoma often do not experience any symptoms until they begin losing their peripheral vision. One of the scariest things about glaucoma is that it usually has no symptoms in the early stages, earning glaucoma the name "silent thief of sight." Anyone can be at risk, so it's important to have your vision regularly examined.
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At Chicago Cornea Consultants™, our doctors take great care in maintaining ocular health for our patients. However, a number of our patients voice concerns regarding soft lines and wrinkles around the eyes and other regions of the face. We have responded by introducing cosmetic procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic through our Chicago practice.
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Dry eye can result from a lack of sufficient production of your own natural tears, with an inability to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. This can cause mild to severe discomfort including itching, stinging and burning. Dry eyes are a common concern in Chicago, and the experienced team of corneal specialists at Chicago Cornea Consultants™ have the latest advancements in technology to treat dry eye.
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Dry Eye
Contact lenses are medical devices which interact directly with the ocular surface of the eye. At Chicago Cornea Consultants™, we provide exceptional care to ensure that you obtain the best possible vision with contact lenses that fit appropriately and maximize health benefits.
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