The end of summer can be an overwhelming time for parents. There are many things to do to prepare your kids for school. 

One area of your child’s health that may fall by the wayside with everything else that needs to happen before school is their eye health. It’s essential for your child to have healthy vision so that they can thrive during the school year.

It’s also important to spot any issues with their vision or eye health as early as possible so they can get the treatment they need. Keep reading to learn five eye care tips to remember before going back to school!

Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Vision

Children who have trouble seeing because of a refractive error don’t often speak up about it. This is because they may not know there’s anything wrong with their vision. 

However, you can notice if they’re struggling by observing simple things, like how close they sit to the TV or computer or if they squint a lot. Take note of when your child seems to have to look more closely at things and report these instances to your eye doctor.

Schedule an Eye Exam Now

Speaking of your eye doctor, you should ensure your child sees one before school starts. When you take your child to the eye doctor, be sure to tell the eye doctor about any vision issues you’ve noticed.

If your child has a refractive error, getting them glasses before school can help them see better in the classroom and feel more comfortable overall.

Minimize Screen Time

Too much TV, computer, video game, or phone time can harm your children’s eyes, as well as your own. Blue light from screens can dry your eyes and cause eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. 

Encourage your children to take breaks, even if they’re doing homework on the computer. To set an example and keep your eyes healthy, you should do the same. 

Stay Hydrated

You should ensure your child drinks plenty of water before and during school. This is important for their overall health as well as their eye health. 

Healthy eyes require hydration. When you don’t get enough water, your eyes can feel dried out. 

You can set an example for your children for this as well by staying hydrated.

Invest in Protective Sports Gear

If your child plans to participate in a sport, be sure you get them the right kind of equipment. Many sports that don’t traditionally require safety gear may put your child at more risk for eye injury. 

Sports like soccer and basketball often cause eye injuries because players don’t wear any protective eye equipment. Ensure your child has recommended safety gear for whatever sport they participate in. 

If that recommended equipment doesn’t include eye protection, buy a pair of sports safety glasses. Safety glasses are an easy way to keep your child’s eyes safe without weighing them down with a lot of extra equipment. 

Is it time for your child to see the eye doctor? Schedule an appointment at Chicago Cornea Consultants in Hoffman Estates, IL, today!

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