The world’s largest food festival happens right here! It’s a free outdoor event that’s been a highlight of summertime in Chicago for the past forty years. 

Taste of Chicago has something for everyone live music, local arts, dance performances, and of course, the main attraction: food. Keep reading to learn why you owe it to yourself to get LASIK before the Taste of Chicago festival!

Taste of Chicago 2022

This year’s Taste of Chicago is all about neighborhood pop-ups in June and a bite-sized event in July. There are four opportunities to sample Windy City cuisine and celebrate the city’s lively food culture.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy it with LASIK and leave your glasses and contacts behind? If you’re planning for the best summer ever, you do not want to worry about anything. 

With LASIK vision-correction surgery, you’ll be able to reduce your dependency on glasses and contacts significantly. Due to this, you won’t have to tuck an extra set of lenses into your pocket, backpack, or handbag.

When you jot down your list of what you’ll need to do to enjoy Taste of Chicago, two things won’t be on that list after LASIK: a spare pair of contacts or your glasses, just in case.

Three Pop-ups, One Bite-Sized Event

Get your calendar out because here’s how Taste of Chicago is rolling out in 2022. Taste of Chicago pop-ups will return this year with food and music events in three Chicago neighborhoods on June 11, 18, and 25.

This will be followed by a bite-sized version of the classic lakefront extravaganza on July 8, 9, and 10 in Grant Park. The July event will showcase thirty to forty eateries and food trucks each day and offer three mainstage evening concerts. 

Of course, they’re all still free. Being free of the burden of glasses and contacts as you sample new foods and old favorites among the vendors can be an exciting new experience for you. 

Schedule LASIK Now for the July Event

If you schedule your LASIK procedure in May or early June, you’ll be fully recovered and can make it out to the bite-sized Taste of Chicago in mid-July. While it’s just fun to go and see the sights, what makes Taste of Chicago great is it’s affordable.

You get a strip of food tickets for just ten dollars and are able to pick food and beverages according to your budget. 

Best Bites at Taste of Chicago

Many food booths are a must-visit, and now with LASIK, you can enjoy the sights as much as the tastes. Here are three to add to your list:

Lou Malnati

You don’t have to be born and bred in Chicago to know that Lou Malnati helped put deep-dish pizza on the national culinary map. The “Malnati Chicago Classic” is sausage, cheese, and tomato sauce on butter crust and still sets the standard for a great pie.

Don’t leave without a slice, or order the Malnati Salad and Bruschetta.

Eli’s Cheesecake

New York cheesecake’s got nothing on Chicago! And Eli’s Cheesecake is proof.

They’ve been at Taste of Chicago since 1980, and they’re returning in 2022 with their Dipper bittersweet chocolate-coated cheesecake on a stick, a cookie cheesecake Smoosh and their original Cheesecake topped with strawberries.

Garifuna Flava

Garifuna Flava’s Caribbean cuisine has been making waves with its “Taste Of Belize” menu, and the jerk chicken is always a Taste of Chicago favorite. Get it with rice and beans, or try the jerk chicken tacos. 

With LASIK corrected vision, all that spice won’t steam up your glasses or make your eyes water and your contacts slip.

Then There’s The Music

Now that you’re so full you don’t think you can eat again until Thanksgiving, you can plan ahead for the evening’s mainstage concert.

Arrive early to get a great spot, and spread your blanket on the lawn of the Petrillo Music Shell.

Enjoy the performance for free, and don’t worry about being able to see it. Your LASIK improved vision will give you a crisp and clear view of everything. 

After the show, you can stay and wait for the crowds to thin, because you won’t have to rush home to take out your contacts. No more tired, scratchy eyes from contact lenses at the end of the day.

LASIK makes those concerns a thing of the past.

The Rest of Summer 2022

Once Taste of Chicago is nothing more than a memory, you’ll still have the rest of the summer ahead of you to enjoy the benefits of living with LASIK-corrected vision. From swimming at lakeshore beaches to after-work picnics in the park, you will experience Chicago like you never have before.

LASIK offers you freedom and spontaneity. Whether it’s almost too hot to bear, or there’s a rainy stretch of days that make Chicago feel like the Amazon rainforest, you will find it so much easier to spend the months of July and August carefree because of LASIK. It’s an easy choice, and it’ll make this your best summer of all.

Do you want to learn more about how LASIK can improve your quality of life this summer? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Chicago Cornea in Chicago, IL, today!

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