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Do you wear contacts? Although they can be great, it takes time and effort to wear them.

They may have boosted your confidence and were a welcome alternative to your glasses at one point. But now, you might have realized that contacts have their own set of drawbacks.

They even have potential side effects and risks. Keep reading for 5 reasons it may be time to say goodbye to contacts!

1. Infections and Inflammations

Infections from wearing contacts are quite common. If you sleep in your contacts or don’t clean them properly, you expose yourself to the risk of infections.

This includes conjunctivitis and inflammation of the cornea. Wearing contacts can also cause ulcers.

All these conditions can damage your eyes. For instance, when you sleep with your lenses and remove them, the dryness of the contacts can scratch your eye.

The abrasion may cause pain and leave your eye extremely sensitive to light. Worst case scenario, infections such as bacterial keratitis can lead to some loss of vision.

2. Cost

You might think that wearing contacts is considerably cheaper than getting LASIK. But in reality, and in the long run, that will not be the case.

When you add up all the costs of wearing contacts, from contacts and cases to replacing lost ones, you may realize that contacts are more expensive. Why not consider LASIK instead and save money?

3. Hard to Handle

Putting in and taking out contacts every day can be tiring. If you are used to it, it might be okay for a while.

But the daily routine will go on for years and can soon become bothersome. Eventually, this may become downright frustrating.

4. Seasonal Allergies

Pollen, among other environmental factors during allergy season, contributes to seasonal allergies. For many people, allergens like pollen can adhere to your contact lenses.

This can trigger or make your seasonal allergies worse. Getting LASIK, you can finally stop touching your eyes as much!

5. Dry Eyes

If you can’t wait to get home to take off your contacts or find yourself using drops all the time, then your contacts are most likely making your eyes dry. Wearing contact lenses throughout the day reduces how much oxygen your eyes can have access to.

This increases your risk of developing dry eye syndrome. Your eyes may feel itchy, dry, or gritty.

Advantages of LASIK

LASIK surgery provides many benefits, including:

It’s one of the safest, tried, and true vision correction proceduresLASIK is pain-free and has a short recovery timePatients often experience improved vision within a couple of hours with most enjoying 20/20 vision or betterAfter resting for a short period, you’ll have clearer vision and you’ll no longer need contacts or glassesLASIK offers lifestyle benefits that will allow you to take part in your favorite hobbies without contacts

Tired of Contacts? LASIK Could Be Perfect for You

Are you tired of the inconveniences of contact lenses and can’t wait to ditch them? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Chicago Cornea Consultants™ in Chicago, IL!

The eye doctors at Chicago Cornea Consultants™ use state-of-the-art techniques to provide the safest LASIK procedures. Our experienced LASIK surgeons are board-certified and dedicated to delivering the best LASIK has to offer.

Contact us today to learn more and find out if LASIK could be right for you!

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