Just about everyone is familiar with the basics of LASIK eye surgery. However, there are many patients who are still unsure of the safety of LASIK. It is true that, just as with any other surgical procedure, there is a chance of complications developing as a result of LASIK surgery. However, it is important for patients to realize that the risk of complications is actually quite small. Complications occur for only a small percentage of patients who undergo LASIK. At Chicago Cornea Consultants™, a leading Chicago laser eye surgery center, we employ only the best doctors and use the most advanced laser technology to help our patients avoid LASIK risks. Still, we believe it is important for patients to be aware of all possible complications from LASIK before agreeing to undergo the procedure.


Before LASIK surgery, each of our patients is examined at a pre-surgical consultation. For our patients in Chicago, LASIK surgery will only be performed on patients who make ideal candidates for the procedure. Despite our careful consideration, there is always a small chance that LASIK may result in complications. Our patients in Chicago should be aware that LASIK risks include:

Corneal infectionCorneal scarring or damage to the corneal shapeA decrease in contrast sensitivity (meaning that even with 20/20 vision, objects may appear blurry)Perpetual dry eyesVisual glare or halos (that do not disappear after the initial LASIK recovery)Decreased visibility or loss of visionOver or under correction of the visionProblems that result from complications with the corneal flap, including double vision, blurred vision, and/or inflamed corneal tissue

While it is extremely rare for these complications to occur, we do take each of these risks very seriously. If there is any sign of complications following surgery, our doctors should be consulted immediately. In many cases, complications can be corrected through additional surgical procedures or treatment.

Avoiding LASIK Risks

At Chicago Cornea Consultants™, we do everything in our power to ensure that each patient has a successful LASIK procedure free of complications. Although complications do not occur often, when they do develop, they are often the result of the microkeratome, which is the tool that creates the corneal flap during a traditional LASIK procedure. In order to further decrease the risk of complications and make the LASIK procedure even safer for our patients, we often recommend Intralase® LASIK. Intralase® LASIK uses a laser to create the corneal flap. This gives our doctors even more control and reduces the risk of corneal flap complications. Intralase® LASIK may also be an option for patients who are ruled out as candidates for traditional LASIK due to a lack of corneal tissue.

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When performed by a skilled surgeon such as those at Chicago Cornea Consultants™, LASIK surgery can provide patients with exceptional results and a newfound freedom from corrective eyewear. To learn more about the LASIK procedure and the advanced technology utilized at our Chicago laser eye surgery center, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you!

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