LASIK can be a truly life-changing experience. As one of the most popular elective procedures in the world, LASIK is an effective and incredibly safe form of laser vision correction.

If you’re looking for an alternative to contact lenses and glasses, LASIK may just be the best choice. Most people with a refractive error make good candidates for LASIK surgery, and the procedure is relatively simple with minimal recovery time.

If you live in Chicago, getting LASIK can also breathe new life into your perception of the city. There are many advantages to getting LASIK no matter where you live, but for Chicagoans, there are a few specific things you can look forward to.

Keep reading to learn how LASIK can give your view of Chicago new life!

See the Bean in Crystal Clear Focus

Cloud Gate, better known as simply “The Bean” due to its shape, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Windy City. It’s a great place to take your friends visiting from out of town or to just stop by on your own for a bit.

The thrill of this sculpture is in its entirely mirrored surface, giving you new warped and fantastic views of yourself and those around you. When you get LASIK, you will get to experience everything in life with further clarity.

After having LASIK surgery, most people see better than they could, even when wearing prescription glasses and contact lenses. The vast majority of people achieve excellent vision after LASIK and are extremely happy with their results.

After LASIK, viewing anything, from art, scenery, to even yourself, will be a whole new experience.

Enjoy Sushi in Wicker Park

Go out on the town and have a night out. You can splurge on some sushi for dinner and even get some drinks afterward to really treat yourself to a fantastic evening. 

After you have LASIK, staying out late will be easier since you don’t have to worry about your contacts drying out since they’ve been in all day. You will also be able to feel less guilty about treating yourself a little. 

It may sound counterintuitive because LASIK can be expensive, but it’s actually a wise financial investment. You’ll save money in the long run since you won’t have to buy new glasses or contact lenses. 

You’ll save on all those expenses every year, and eventually, LASIK pays for itself!

Take the Lake and River Architecture Tour

A tradition since 1935, the Lake and River Architecture Tour is the best way to see the Chicago skyline and appreciate the city’s design. You’ll be able to see all the sights from the Chicago River and Lake Michigan while relaxing on a ship equipped with all the amenities.

Your new vision will give you a whole different view of the city. And like the city of Chicago and this historic boat tour, LASIK lasts. 

The procedure is permanent, so you don’t have to worry about it losing effectiveness over time. Your vision may worsen when you get older, as many older adults develop presbyopia.

LASIK can not correct vision issues caused by other eye conditions. However, you can expect LASIK to correct your natural refractive error so you can experience fantastic vision for years to come.

Hop on a Ride at Navy Pier

One of the go-to attractions in Chicago is the Navy Pier. Almost anywhere you can ride a Ferris wheel by the water can give you incredible views, and Navy Pier is no different. It’s hard to go wrong with an old-fashioned carnival ride, and it’s hard to go wrong with LASIK.

With a 96% satisfaction rate and easy recovery, you can be sure you’ll experience the best vision of your life without sacrificing any summer fun. 

Cruise Down Lake Shore Drive 

After you have LASIK, you can take more time to do the things you love. When you don’t have to worry about glasses or contact lenses, you’ll have removed an entire area of stress from your life. 

You’ll have more time and energy to be a little more adventurous. You can actually do the things you want because LASIK changes your life for the better. 

When you’re on the highway taking in all the greenery, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just go for a drive with the windows down or make a day of it by some of the best places Chicago offers, like Lincoln Park, the Shedd Aquarium, and all the most incredible museums. 

Getting LASIK is more than just eliminating the need for contacts and glasses. It’s your first step towards visual freedom and a world with a clearer view.

If you want LASIK, chances are good that the procedure is right for you, but the only way to know for sure is to see your eye doctor for a LASIK consultation.

Are you interested in learning more about LASIK? Schedule an appointment today with Chicago Cornea Consultants for a commitment-free evaluation and find out if LASIK can change your life!

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